Campaign Rules


Campaign Rules

On this page, you’ll find a variety of simple rules we’ve used for our campaigns. They’ve worked well for us, and we hope they’ll be as successful for you (or at least provide you with some good ideas).

Age of King Arthur


Using the Warhammer Ancients supple-

ment of the same name, this colorful map

and basic set of campaign rules allow

you to conduct strategic movement in a

matter of minutes--and get immediately

to the tabletop battles.


Almost every battle is fought between

armies of equal points, but the strategic

game means that a victory has potential

benefits in future battles. The length of

campaign can be determined by: 1) seizing

an enemy castle; or 2) a number of strategic

turns with victory determined by the value

of captured territories.


Read Age of King Arthur rules


Age of Vikings


Very simple rules allow three to six players

to battle it out in the early years of Viking

raids. The Vikings have established a base

on the Thames River, and three divided

Saxon kingdoms must attempt to guess

where the Vikings will strike. Meanwhile,

the Vikings try to hit easy targets for loot.


Strategic play takes about five minutes, and

using simple skirmish rules (we used a

modified version of Games Workshop's

Lord of the Rings Battle System), you can

play two small battles on the same tabletop,

moving your campaign along quickly.


Read Age of Vikings rules (PDF file not yet available)


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