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More on our Historicon Games

Here’s a little background of some of the games we’ll be hosting in July.

The Damocles Crusade

T-159, Thursday, 10 a.m.


Players: 3, Hours: 2, Scale: 25mm, Period: Sci-fi, Rules: Tabletop Battle System, GM: Del Stover


It’s the 40th Millenneum, and the Imperium is at war with the Tau. Although much of the fighting is taking place in the Damocles Gulf—light years away—a small garrison on Beta Scorpii finds itself under attack by a Tau raiding party. Are the Tau just stirring up trouble? Or are they after something inside the mysterious Adeptus Mechanicus outpost at the edge of the colony? Play will take place on a dedicated, diorama-quality game battle seen in the February 2010 issue of Wargames Illustrated, and accompanied by video briefings, movie clips, and other special effects. Learn more about our game—and table—at


Just plain fighting


Three of our Historicon games involve

small-scale tactics and, in some cases,

a degree of role playing. So it was

important to host a straightforward

donnybrook with guns, armored

vehicles, aircraft, and explosions.

Lots of explosions.


So The Damocles Crusade is a

military raid. The humans are caught

by surprise, allowing the Tau to have

a great time shooting things up. But,

if the humans are smart (or the Tau

roll badly), the human defenses will
begin to make themselves felt.


What forces are involved:


Humans have Imperial Guard, a

Valkyrie (flying armed troop transport),

some kind of heavy weapon, the

outpost wall guns, and perhaps

a Sentinel (walker).


The Tau will have Fire Warriors, Drones,

Stealth Suit Teams, and Battlesuits.


This will be close-in fighting. Each force will have its advantages. The Tau will have superior technology, but be outnumbered in men and firepower. Using one’s advantages carefully will determine the winner.