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Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria

Del Stover (President for Life)

The beginnings of what will become an awesome Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech Priest) outpost that will Include a full underground interior.

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To contact us:

Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria

Del Stover (President for Life)

This section is devoted

to the building of our

sci-fi battlefield, along

with games we intend

to run starting

at FALL IN! 2009.

The goal is simple: We

want to host

convention games with

some of the nicest terrain

seen at any convention.

We’re not aiming to be

the best—but to follow

in the footsteps of some

really great games and

reach for the high bar.


We know our fellow

wargamers will enjoy

playing on great scenery.


We chose sci-fi because

of the unlimited

potential: weird buildings,

unusual terrain,

and bug tunnels.

Although our club focuses mostly on historical gaming, let’s face it—outside of Stalingrad’s sewers, how much  fighting takes place underground (with lasers,

no less).

Besides, everyone loves good sci-fi.

Our game setup will consist of three sections:

 a 60” by 44” detailed tabletop depicting a

futuristic settlement on a distant desert-like



 a 24” by 48” multi-level underground laboratory

 a 48” by 48” tunnel complex (where bugs lurk)

Eventually, we hope to add lots of special effects, including lights, smoke, sounds, and computerized graphics and video logs (played on a plasma TV) to add to the experience. (By FALL IN! 2009, we may have, at least, some homemade Warhammer 40K propaganda films to play between games.)

Given the work put into this terrain, we plan to use it quite a lot—so there is no specific game this is being designed to support. Set-piece battles, raids, and even murder mysteries may follow down the line. But, in general, the scenery is inspired by Warhammer 40K and the movies, Aliens and Starship Troopers.

As such, the figures and rules will vary. One player has an extensive set of the now-discontinued Starship Trooper humans and bugs from Mongoose Publishing. Others have collections from Games Workshop and other companies. One convention game may be set in the Starship Trooper universe; another in the Warhammer 40K universe.

We hope you will play one of our games in the years ahead. So enjoy this section of the website, as we set out to document our ambitious project.

— The Wednesday Night Gamers


Having always wanted to build a museum diorama-quality battlefield for conventions, we sought a project that would have a “wow” factor. After  considering all our options, we decided a sci-fi setting would do the job.


Sci-fi Project


Read more about our sci-fi project below, with photos:


  Diary of construction

  Details of our tables

  Construction techniques

  Terrain/scenario ideas

  Convention schedule