The Wall


The Wall

Our space for random, often posthumous, tidbits of wisdom.

“Is that artillery piece compensating for something?”

             - Del Stover upon seeing the 8” artillery


“They’re not the worst rules set I’ve played”

             - From the first convention run of TBS


“So column formation is bad for charging artillery?”

             - Ben Fornshell, right after Del demonstrates Bowling for Frenchmen


“You brought the ladders, right?”

             - Garrie, Siege Master


“Remember, your bazooka shoots further, all you have to do is stay out of range”

             - Del, just before his allies charged into enemy range.


“We’ll leave the siege towers behind and take more Goblins”

             - Opening to our LotR siege game, followed by lots of slaughtered Goblins


“Of course the Highlanders are elite”

             - Always followed by the world’s worst die rolling.


“It’s just one Balrog”

             - Followed by the defining of the term “Rickrolled”.

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