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Bug Invasion

“That’s what I like about Clay, he understands what a lightly armed spacecraft should be” - Ben    “[sigh]” - Del

Pests in Pennsylvania

Borrowing our buddy Rick’s Starship Trooper figures, we ran a Bug Hunt game. But we didn’t have any futuristic scenery. Our solution? We had the bugs invade Gettysburg, Pa., where, as it happened, we were attending HMGS East’s FALL IN! convention (above and below)..

Our Bug Table

At FALL IN! 2009, we finally got our act together and produced some dedicated sci-fi terrain. Inspired by two Miniature Building Authority sci-fi bunkers, we built three larger buildings with the same design—but made out of insulation foam cut with a tablesaw. If you look closely, you’ll see a brave circle of soldiers surrounded by bugs.


Although these human soldiers and the fort are from the Games Workshop range, we didn’t have time to be “pure” 40K. So we called upon Rick’s Starship Trooper bugs to provide the excitement.