Ancients and Dark Ages

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Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria

Del Stover (President for Life)

The culmination of our Viking campaign was based on a real-life battle, where Viking mercenaries help the Saxons seize London from a Viking army. In the background, you can see the causeway (bridge) leading to London. If the Saxons can seize that, the Viking supply line will be cut.

London Bridge
Is Falling Down

To Know Yourself (Historicon 2009)

Few things are as terrifying as a horde of unbathed Saxon warriors.

The Romans Invade Briton

Romans attack a Celt village that refuses to recognize the might of Rome.

Crusader Siege Game

Armored knights charge out of a siege tower to attack the walls of a Saracen-held fortress on the road to Jerusalem.

Now the Romans Are On the Receiving End

What happens when Rome gets a little too rough with the barbarians? Our own Brian Kelley sends a barbarian horde against a half-built Roman fort at Historicon.