Join us at Historicon on our new table, featured in Wargames Illustrated (Feb 2010) Learn more here.

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The Wednesday Night Gamers is a small, 20-year-old club of wargamers in Alexandria, Va., dedicated to refighting the battles of history with miniature soldiers and beautifully scenicked tabletop battlefields.

Count down to Historicon, 2010




These days, our club is fighting a Lord of the Rings Campaign.  We’re dedicated to re-enacting all of the major battles from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series using Games Workshops figures.


So there you have it--just some of the great battles of history (and non-history) that our club recreates using miniature soldiers—from ¼” to 2” tall. By tapping into the collections of our various members, we can create battles in nearly 30 historical periods, including:


· Imperial Rome

· Age of Arthur

· Age of Vikings

· William the Conquerer

· Crusades

· War of Roses

· English Civil War

· Renaissance-Eastern Europe

· French-Indian War

· Seven Years War

· Age of Sail

· American Revolution

· Napoleonics

· American Civil War

· Indian Mutiny

· British-Zulu War

· Boxer Rebellion

· French Foreign Legion

· Russo-Japanese War

· World War I naval

· World War II land and naval

· Lord of the Rings

· Modern

· Starship Troopers

· Warhammer 40K

· Battlestar Gallactica


As our name suggests, we meet on Wednesdays (7-10 p.m.) in the Alexandria area. We like this schedule, as it breaks up the work week, and gives us something to look forward to when the “Monday morning blues” hit.

We often can be found sponsoring games at the conventions of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society ( These are Cold Wars in March/April, Historicon in July, and FALL IN! in November. Come visit us!

To contact us:

Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria

Del Stover (President for Life)

What’s New?


The Wednesday Night Gamers are hosting twelve exciting sci-fi battles at Historicon 2010.  For a listing of our events, click here.


Several times a year, club members pool their unpainted miniatures and mail them off to Sri Lanka, where an enterprising gentleman has started a worldwide painting service. (See


Several scenery projects are under way. Our big project right now is sci-fi, but a new set of Moria terrain for our Lord of the Rings campaign are complete, and we’re working on new TerrainMaker tiles to add new options for our 10mm Napoleonic and 6mm World War II and modern battles. We’re always in the process of building a new set of terrain tiles, wood copses, and other neat scenery--as well as designing new scenarios and campaigns. Take a look at our various links (which, by the way, are coming along slowly, so don't be surprised if they're still under construction).